I am a normal person. I work a fulltime job, married for almost 2 decades and have 2 great kids. We are working at paying off our house that is ideally located close to an ocean and abundant forests. We have enough disposable income to enjoy the extras in life.

Yet, as I read the newspaper, watch TV or listen to the radio on the drive into work – the daily coverage of the world would have me think that there is no one like me out there.  The majority of the stories are about all that is wrong, bad and unhappy in the world. Of course that can’t be the only version of reality.

My blog will be a collection of ideas, resources and photographs that can be used as a source book of sorts to acknowledge and remember all “The Good Stuff” that is constantly happening all around us. Sometimes I wonder if a negative view of the world is part of the problem; the glass half empty instead of half full. Yet at other times, I am astonished to discover a new technology or idea that is truly some of the good stuff, yet still has not been able to get any decent amount of news coverage.

Good thing for me that this type of interactive journal has become possible. It is an amazing time to be alive and be relatively young enough to experience technology in this way.

Welcome to The Good Life List!



2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Margie says:

    I’m looking forward to reading about all “The Good Stuff” that you find. Congratulations on taking the first step in sharing your ideas with the greater world!

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