The season

I love the multi city series of monthly magazines, (that is a mouthful!) called Edible (X) City. In my case it is Edible Vancouver.  It is an award-wining magazine that celebrates local food, season by season.

Edible Communities Publications.

I try, whenever possible to eat local, which means eating in season. Some days in the winter, the selection of produce in a typical grocery store just makes a person only want to eat from a box. It can be the most sorry-looking vegetables ever. But knowing where to find the good local stuff all year-long can very challenging to say the least.

These publications give you a beautiful looking source book about where to buy the great seasonal and local products and give you mouth-watering pictures and recipes to boot. Who knew that braised cabbage and apples could look so good?

I know what you are thinking….I really have a hankering for Insalata Caprese – those lovely combinations of big beautiful beefsteak tomatoes, lovely fragrant basil and fresh mozzarella with just a tough of extra virgin olive oil. In the middle of winter in North America – are you kidding me? Don’t do it. If you don’t believe me, check out this link written by an Italian.

I was down in the Baja in November and had the pleasure of eating at a restaurant called ‘Cynthia Fresh’, (anyone going to San Jose Del Cabo must go there, but I digress). When we ordered one night, one of the dishes she could not complete as described because the avocados “were not nice today”, fantastic! Instead of giving us an inferior dish she changed it slightly so that it was as fresh as her name sake restaurant.

It is one of the most amazing pleasures in life – good food, good friends and loved family, gathering around a table to enjoy!


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