Is there time for slow?

My kids have more toys, books, games, friends, parks, beaches, pools, more activities in general to keep them occupied and they still come up with the classic, dramatic statement – I’M BORED. I do remember feeling that way at their age, with a whole lot less stimulation at my disposal. My parents would of course argue that they had so much less than me. Perception is reality, I suppose.

And now, I wish with all my heart to feel like there was not so much responsibility pressing on me all the time. I can’t imagine feeling bored. I have a continuous list of things I like to do, it is in fact never-ending. But there does not seem to be enough time in a day to get to much of it.

There must have been a point along the way when time started to speed up. When I was pregnant with my first child, a man whom I did not know very well said to me, “You have no idea how fast the next 20 years will go by.” I was skeptical – what did he know about me? And of course it has been 10 years since that day and it most certainly has flown by.

From the days when I was a bored child, I wanted nothing more than to be older, have more privileges, take more risks. Now in my forties, I don’t care to be any older, responsibility has been piled on pretty high and if my skiing ability is any indication – I am risk averse. The irony is not lost on anyone who knew me as a child.

So now, in a world that has become more complex, fast-paced and some would argue a little less kind – how do we make time for what is really important? How do we enjoy slowing down? On long weekends where I have a stretch of hours to enjoy whatever I choose, my to-do list for personal enjoyment is packed so full that inevitably I am sad at how little I accomplished!

So a long weekend is approaching and I am purposely not creating a list. It is my 41st birthday somewhere in there and other than a reservation for dinner, I’m going to try to remember the joy of slowing down.

Happy Easter!

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