The tooth fairy is tiny

I’ve told this story a few times recently and everyone thinks it is funny. Probably because it didn’t happen to them.

Two weekends ago at the end of our family ski day at Cypress Bowl, my nine-year old son managed to wrestle out the first of his bigger baby teeth. That was Saturday night. Dutifully the tooth went under the pillow and in the morning, no tooth fairy. My eight year old was not fazed. “That happened to me too”, she said.

Monday morning, there was panic in the house. No tooth fairy had arrived on the second night! Between the 2 kids, there was agreement that this was an unusual case. My husband was already at work, so the pressure was on me to understand this strange occurrence.

So, first to bring out the big guns – money. I asked my son to get my purse and I would give him $5 for this tooth. My daughter was amazed. She had not received near that kind of money from the actual tooth fairy. How lucky for her brother. What good fortune that the tooth fairy did not show!

If only my son looked as satisfied. So an explanation was also in order. Possibly she did sneak into his room and tried to retrieve the treasure but this new size of tooth is far too big and heavy for her to carry. Could it be that since she is so tiny, she can’t fly with the big heavy back teeth?

And so it was solved, the tooth fairy is very tiny

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