The radio

When I was a teenager, the radio was my lifeline. The top 40 on Saturday was the only barometer of whether I knew the “right” music. Inevitably, as time went on, there were stragglers. Some turned to the fm dial. Some wandered off to the country. (That is not hard to believe when you live in Alberta).

The mainstay over all this time has been the morning commute and the popular disc jockey’s who command that time slot. Depending on where you live and the distance to work, they have you for shorter or longer periods of time. You don’t have much choice about it. They synchronize news for the top of the hour and blocks of commercials all the way through. It sometimes seems like there is very little music being played.

Something new happened in our market last year – Shore 104.3 fm. It is a blend of roots, rock and rhythm. For me it is almost a new genre mixing what has become my favourite music.

Now thanks to the makers of “apps” I can listen to this station whenever I have a wireless connection. All you need is TuneInRadio. Of course you can listen to anything from around the world, in any language.

What a fantastic time to be alive!

2 thoughts on “The radio

  1. Auntie Lin says:

    You are so right, Christine! I often listen to CBC NL when I am working on my computer, just to hear what is going on there, and enjoy the accent! makes me feel good and connected to the other end of the country, too. I will try your station next chance I get.

    • When Grant and I left you and Brad at Grand Canyon in the rain/snow, we were top up on the convertible and listened to CBC all the way back to Vegas. A good chunk of that was a reading by Helen Humphreys of “The Frozen Thames”. I couldn’t wait to get back and read it and that read sure didn’t disappoint! Even though we had only been gone from Canada a couple of days, it was a special trip down route 66.

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