Too organized?

The other day I was getting pretty frustrated by having to organize 4 people in my house. Just me, no problem – I can do that with ridiculous jet lag, in a foreign language, pretty much with my eyes closed. When my husband travels, I can manage the kids on top of my schedule with relative ease. But when my husband comes home and decides that my son needs another sport, on top of everything else, I’m tapped out.

So in desperation the other day, I started searching for an app. Someone else must have had this problem before me. Sure enough, there is an app called “cozi” that drives off a website where all your family appointments are kept. Brilliant! You can send emails or texts to remind family members of appointments and even send out a week at a glance. Shopping lists, to do’s and notes to post pictures, as well as a whole website of ideas about organizing a family!

It is the miracle of the internet that I was able to connect with people, (or the fruits of their labour), that are just like me. It is a lonely road being the one running around trying to keep everyone going in the right direction. I feel like a herding dog.

This morning our first grocery list was created. My son opted out of laundry and with iPad in hand he checked off everything and made sure we got all the list items at the store. He thanked me for letting him come grocery shopping. I’m sure the novelty will wear off, but for today it made for a very nice experience.

3 thoughts on “Too organized?

  1. The Car Guy's Sister says:

    ohhhhh – I gotta check that out! BTW-how did you ‘make’ your headshot into a drawing??!

  2. I did make my picture to look a bit more like a sketch. I used Photoshop Elements. At work, we use the whole Adobe creative suite to the tune of $2,300. But on my computer at home I couldn’t justify the spend. Just as well, I think this “starter” program works great!

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