Completion specialist

My husband first used this term in relation to some of my weekend projects. I thought it was a compliment because surely, he could not be thinking that I left things undone? Clearly I was mistaken. He was certainly talking about me.

At first my completion problems were not that big of a deal. A bunch of weeds that sat to the side of a garden bed for the weekend, but were cleared away by Sunday night. Then, as it happens when you start a family, life becomes incredibly complicated. So the weeds would be in neat little piles all over the garden and lucky to be cleared away in that garden season if it was left up to me.

An ultimatum was thrown down in the form of two words – completion specialist. If a task could not be completed in the same day, then it should not be started. In the busy years where I travelled to Europe two or three times in the Spring/Summer season, there were threats made that I couldn’t have a garden at all!

Of course this problem ran into the kitchen as well. I would plan and buy groceries for more than was humanly possible to cook in a weekend. Maybe this habit was a throw back to the days when I had a room-mate who was an actual chef.

So the new Jamie Oliver cookbook that promises a complete meal on the table in 20 to 30 minutes was a potential life saver. My first attempt at the salmon dinner was a bit of a rocky start. It is worth mentioning that when I did cook the salmon the next night, everyone liked the crispy skin. (That was a bit of a shocker.)

Last night was better, chicken dinner in just over an hour. Everyone liked all the dishes, except the usual things on my husband’s list of “do not like, how many times have I told you?” But Jamie is very clear not to substitute. And I thought this might be the recipe to make him like spinach. Not so much, he must have some childhood trauma with that vegetable.

Tonight I completed a sausage pasta, salad and dessert in 40 minutes. Huge improvement and everyone liked every dish. The kids ate the desert with such gusto that they sounded like they had never eaten sugar before.

Having everyone happy, well fed and getting closer to becoming a completion specialist is really fantastic.

Unfortunately, the dishes that this quick little meal created will take longer than 40 minutes to wash. But she who cooks does not clean in our house!

One thought on “Completion specialist

  1. Margie says:

    Speaking of completion, your hubby has all the reno jobs finished?

    I tried “they that cook do not do the dishes” at our house. The spouse countered with “they that complain about the dirty dishes, does the dishes.” I admitted defeat on that front. But I counter countered with “they that trips over the recycle does the recycle” and I stack all the stuff in the garage for spouse to trip over…

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