There a bunch of things that kids are trading these days. The old standbys like hockey cards, (I live in Canada) and some newer ones. Pokemon cards and the latest at my son’s school Yugioh cards. These new trading games are the invention of very creative people who have devised a way to continually make new cards that kids “must-have“, but have no basis in reality. (Only so many players on a team!) But, the kids relish making the trades, keeping track of what they have and coveting the next addition.

The best trade that my son is dabbling in, is also one of the oldest around. But instead of trading healthy food from his lunch for junk food from a buddy, he has a new twist. My husband and I overheard a conversation between our kids the other day. They were getting their lunch organized and my son was happy to see a large supply of bits and bites. He informed my daughter that he was trading them for seaweed snacks. And my daughter was wishing she could make such a trade! At other times, he has traded a single mini cookie for a piece of sushi.

It was quite funny to listen to this discussion between my children. It was one of those times when you get a glimpse of the independent little people they are becoming. And it is all these moments strung together that make parenting a rewarding experience.

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