The Globe

I can’t wait!

We have made reservations to see “Anne Boleyn” at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London. Not Ontario – the UK! I was looking to make hotel reservations last night and ended up spending 100 pounds on tickets instead. You even have to rent a cushion if you want a comfier seat.

I have been to this theatre before, many years ago with my Mom. We didn’t hit it right to see a performance, but I fell in love with the venue.

This time around, I am so excited to be able to see something and a play that really interests me as well. My husband goes along with me on all these outings, but is never quite sure if he will like it.

Last summer, we took in “Anthony and Cleopatra” at Vanier Park in Vancouver. That is an amazing venue, with a whole Shakespeare festival built under a series of tents. I was preparing my kids for the play and my husband passed by and exclaimed, “they are going to talk like that?” But it was good, and we are planning to return to see something else this summer.

2 thoughts on “The Globe

  1. The Car Guy's Sister says:

    Reminds me of taking our boys to Shakespeare in the Park when they were young. They loved it. And when we were in London a few years ago, we took our hosts young boys to an old outdoor theatre in Regent’s Park and they had not been before – it’s magic!!

    • So we also booked Bye Bye Birdie in Vancouver exactly one week after our London theatre date! Grant remembers it as a kid and thinks the kids will really enjoy it. We got really good seats, this far out! We are all so lucky to have access to these things!

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