TED: Ideas worth spreading

One of my favourite apps on my iPad is called TED. It is an acronym for the words technology, education, design. I have learned about so many interesting topics and people who I would not have otherwise been exposed to.

What I like about listening to these speakers is that you really have to listen. You will completely miss the point of the more serious topics if you passively listen and don’t think. It is similar to reading a well researched piece of non-fiction versus an easy breezy beach book. TED offers a good selection of both, but I like the fact that the data base is full of serious thinkers. If you only watch popular television feeds you are completely missing out. Popular media channels would have the public think that the world has not produced a smart person since Einstein.

Benjamin Wallace gave a great talk called “The Price of Happiness”. With the backing of a magazine he writes for, he set out to experience some of the most expensive things money can buy and commented on what kind of happiness they brought him. He started with Kobe beef from Wolfgang Puck’s Restaurant in LA. (I’ve had Kobe beef at a Japanese Restaurant in Hong Kong). Then he went on to various other categories – really a great talk as Mr. Wallace has a super dry sense of humour.

Another favourite is Isabel Allende telling “Tales of passion”. I just finished another of her books and feel like I know her. Like she is a friend of mine and that I have somehow shared in her stories. Feels like I have sat in her house, eating the authentic meals from Chile that come from her kitchen and spent lazy summer days by her pool with all our kids running around in the backyard playing.

The Acorn House – London, UK

And then there are several from the food world. Obviously Jamie Oliver has a talk, but there are many more, from people who don’t have their own TV shows and are not authors of so many books. Arthur Potts Dawson gave a talk called “A vision for sustainable restaurants”. In this talk there is basically a road map showing how a person can greatly reduce the amount of waste that comes from our kitchens. The examples in the talk are from restaurants, but it would be so easy to apply these techniques to our everyday lives. Things like:

  • a worm compost
  • regular compost
  • water filtration
  • re-purposing different containers for planters
  • recycled furniture
  • wind and solar power

There are so many more, and they cover just about every topic you can think of. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “TED: Ideas worth spreading

  1. I am also a TED addict – so much inspiration at our finger tips. The talks you mentioned are great, and I also get this same sense of knowing Allende – probably because she opens her heart and puts so much of herself on the page.

  2. Thanks for the comment Cassandra, I just checked out your blog and like what you are writing about. After reading this last book, “The Sum Of Our Days”, I am now thinking of maybe visiting Chile!

  3. Thanks Christine, I’m glad you liked my blog. I’ve only just started.
    You should definitely visit Chile – I’ve only been their briefly but it’s a country alive, if you know what I mean.

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