Some favourite things

In no particular order:

  • Strongbow – if you have not tried this, it should be on your list this summer. A dry cider that is evidently the world’s best-selling since 1962. Another reason I like this is the link between Canada and the UK. If you ask for a Strongbow in many parts of the USA, you get the same reaction as if you asked for a plane ticket to Mars. But all over Europe, even in Norway, the bars stock it.
  • Summer – can’t beat it, the heat that finally arrives after a long winter and the variable weather from Spring time. The promise of long, lazy days, and endless activities enjoyed outside.
  • Movies – comedies to lift your spirit, drama to wake your soul and even a little horror to make you remember how good you have it.
  • Reading – closely related to movies, but even more important to me. I can lose myself in a book, travel to places and times with my imagination that makes my life really fantastic.
  • Truffles – they have a smell that is subtle and strong at the same time. Exotic and captivating, the taste can transform all your senses. A little well placed truffle olive oil can make a good dish – extraordinary.
  • Babies – other people’s babies and the smell right out of the bath of their lovely little heads. I can still remember my kids, but they are into sports now and smell nothing like a baby anymore.
  • Sunsets – particularly over the water and near a beach. Somehow the most relaxing and awe-inspiring experience to behold.
  • Photographs – of all types. I should have studied this art form. It has precise, almost scientific elements mixed with whimsy and qualities that are pleasing when you see them and hard to describe what is missing, when you don’t.

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