Life on the light side

That is the light colour case with the little glowing apple missing a small bite.

How did we go from not owning a single device just a mere 20 years ago, to now having:

  • 2 iPhones
  • 2 nanos
  • 1 iTouch
  • 1 iPad
  • 2 MacBook Pros
  • 2 other black cased laptops
  • 1 windows desktop that we call “Blaze”

Only 27% of these devices are not made by Apple, not sure why that happened. Other than to say, we have completely bought into the genius of the Apple marketing machine. And if it is that simple, then I am fine with it. There is not a day goes by when I am using one of my devices and I gladly express how much I like it. It makes my life easier and more fun in so many different ways.

It should be noted that although the list of devices does seem excessive for 4 people, (2 of them children), I can explain. One of the iPhones was provided by my work and they may want it back at some point, but I’ll gladly buy it, (I LOVE it). One of the nanos is AWOL and the other is so hopelessly 1st generation it sits in a drawer. The iTouch is closely guarded by my son as “his” but it did start out as mine. But I didn’t need it once I came into ownership of the iPad, (which I love beyond words to explain fully). Then I needed a “home” computer just for me, so the first MacBook Pro entered our life this Spring, (I am not even counting in this list the MacBook Pro I use for work). MacBook Pro #2 came into our lives on the weekend….it is running the Beta version of OS X Lion and will be for my son’s use this fall to and from school, (Grade 5 – can you believe it?)

I wouldn’t say we are dependent on these things, I remember very clearly what it was like to work without them. But I would never have dreamed of sitting here tonight typing out a post for my own blog using my own portable computer. I used my iPad for recipes/menus tonight while cooking dinner. My phone is on the go from morning to night, (it never rests poor thing).

When you take all these things together, it is pretty good stuff as far as I am concerned.

2 thoughts on “Life on the light side

  1. Margie says:

    Life on the Light Side? Some would say the Dark Side… though I have to say I like my new iPad. It was beyond ironic that this past week-end at the cabin I had the newest technological device and the extended family all took turns using it. Just last fall I was the only one at the cabin with no “toy” at all…

    • OK, so late last night it got even more ridiculous….another MacBook came into our house – that makes 3 MacBooks! Congratulations on being the “cool” Grandma. Many women your age don’t know and don’t care how to turn on a computer!

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