Changing the past

I have learned how to use a feature in Photoshop Elements and things are never going to be the same again!

I was always one of those photographers that kind of turned her nose to all that new fangled photo editing. As you can imagine, I was very late to switch from film as well. It always kind of irked me that other people would get such glowing compliments for photos they actually did not take! Once they fiddled around with it, the shot did look amazing, but that was not the light that we had that day, I was there! (Still a sore spot about some photos taken in Hawaii, but I digress.)

So my problem turns out to be that I just didn’t realize how easy it is to use the software and get such good results! For this shot taken in Cabo of my daughter on the beach, I always wished the boat motor was not there. Well today I suddenly thought, I know how to take it away! (My husband is going to wish he never showed me how to use that feature.)

Now if I could just figure out how to make all other kinds of unwanted stuff disappear with a few clicks of a mouse….

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