Water for the garden

Creeping Thyme (Thymus praecox ‘Coccineus’)

I have spent many hours watering my garden over that past 15 or so years. It does require a little bit of skill, like not crushing surrounding plants when moving the heavy hose around and only watering the tomatoes at the base. I guess there are a few more, don’t crush seedlings with a heavy spray of water, but also remember to water seedlings every day. Don’t water in the evening, especially in the Spring as the plants get soggy overnight. Be nice to your little babies, water in the morning.

There is a good chunk of time to listen, watch and contemplate. We have a neighbour who is learning to play classical piano and according to my ear, is already quite good. People who pass by have interesting conversations that I get to catch a glimpse of.

You never know what you will find by having a good look at your plants, both good (a harvest almost ready to enjoy) and bad (pests that are being, well pests!).

Like washing dishes, watering the garden gives a person time to “have a good think”. That is a special time without the interruptions of modern life. It is probably as close as I am going to get to meditation. Today I thought about how much I appreciate my garden, how big the plants are getting and how happy I am we got the mulch down and the weeds somewhat under control.

Figs & Pansies & Apples

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