Relaxing into a vacation

It is an interesting process. Each of us ease into this alternate state of mind in a different way. Maybe it relates to the kind of person we are at work. The “A” type has a strict agenda and routine including the best tips and tricks to allow maximum relaxation in the shortest period of time.

I am trying to merge my two lives into one person so that the separation is far less severe. My picture of success would be that my work was so enjoyable that when I left it for vacation, no real transition was necessary. I read a quote yesterday from Simon Sinek, “Work requires effort. Things we love to do feel effortless. Only do the things you love and you’ll never have to work again.” I showed this to a few people and there was a general lack of belief that this balance is possible.

The challenge for me is that the traditional work environment is set up according to a set of rules that feel old, dated and hierarchical. There is an old school belief that there is a distance a professional person needs to keep from other co-workers. This can, seemingly lead to a lack of empathy and compassion. Whether this result is intended or not unfortunately does not matter.

If I was to assemble my own dream team of dynamic people to run a company they would largely be friends and colleagues that I trust implicitly. The structure of that type of organization would be rather flat, dynamic and collaborative, generally lacking the absolute structure that is commonly found today. Given how close these people would be to me personally, they would demand to be treated differently than a typical workplace culture. That kind of company sounds really interesting to me.

So as my work life melts away with each passing mile we travel, my challenge is to try not to lose my vacation state of mind when I return.

Lake McGregor circa 2009

4 thoughts on “Relaxing into a vacation

  1. The Car Guy's Sister says:

    Lake Mc|Gregor??! At first glance, I thought it was a shot from your on your warm winter getaways. And it is right in my back yard. Go figure …..!

    BTW, I do believe the quote you shared. I have had a few jobs where I thought, “I can’t believe they pay me to do this!!”

    • Well since we arrived tonight, I thought the picture for the official start of my vacation should be from Alberta. What a great day for a photo – you have to enjoy all kinds of weather!

      Yes, doing what you love for work is the key to life really!

  2. I struggle with this question all the time – it is possible to earn enough of a living doing what I love, and how to I merge what I do and who I am so that I never have to (feel like) work again? I don’t have the answer yet, but I’m getting closer 🙂

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