Taking time

I find myself taking the time to appreciate things on this trip that seem to be beyond my notice in my regular life. I spent the better part of an hour watching the wind blow the trees in the aftermath of a thunder-storm. I closely listened to my children talking during a car trip the other night, they had some really interesting things to say.

It makes me wonder how much of life I am missing. All these small moments that can sometimes be essential keys to what people are thinking, passed by without my notice. Or those longer stretches of time that are required to charge up a persons spirit. If you continually neglect yourself in this way, there will be consequences.

I have been trying to insert small changes into my regular schedule that have been highly beneficial. One of them is a weekly session with an RMT. Adding that on top of everything else sometimes feels like more work than it is worth, until the hour is finished and I feel like I am walking on cloud 9. My therapist says that some people let stress build up in their muscles so badly that they end up not having enough strength in their arms to hold a cup. And it then takes months to relax and work out the tension.

Sometimes I wonder if my interest in finding a better balance is a mid-life crisis. I certainly never needed this before. My ability to focus exclusively on work related activities was a source of pride. Now a 2 week business trip to foreign destinations really wipes me out. I just don’t have the stamina for it.

As I write this, relaxing in a king sized bed overlooking a forest looking forward to doing whatever I want tomorrow, time is stretched out in front of me. It feels great.

2 guys taking time

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