Cabin life – Relax day 1

As with anything, life is what you make it. Cabin days are no different. All the ingredients are here to have a great time, but you have to put that final ounce of effort in to truly enjoy it.

Day one was fantastic and in a way, a new experience for me. It was quiet. No hustle and bustle of multiple children’s activities, (although my daughter can talk up a storm and make herself sound like a pack of kids). No tee times to rush off to. No real agenda’s to follow other than pick up your stuff and get out of the sprinkle from the passing thunder-storm, silly.

It was a good day to read. Without so many distractions, I could pay attention to some of the heavier non-fiction I brought with me. And work on my sun-tan at the same time. I know the suns rays are harmful, but I have always loved the warm glow of bronzed skin.  Months from now, when I look at myself I will be transported back to these cabin days. No matter what kind of situation I find myself in, like pouring down with rain, dark and cloudy. (Although the weather yesterday in White Rock was 14 degrees C and rainy, maybe the fall will be beautiful and sunny).

There is a peacefulness that I feel when I can poke around with my camera and look at things in a different way. Or even look at things that I had not noticed before. It may sound strange, but this kind of day ranks very high and may be one of the best for me. Almost a re-charge which I find absolutely necessary in this rather hectic life I tend to live.

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