Feel Good Radio

Ever since I decided to create this blog and focus on “the good life”, I am noticing good things everywhere I look. The latest is 97.7 on the FM dial in Calgary. It is called “Up”, (as in turn it up), Calgary’s feel good radio.

On my latest car trip in and out of Calgary, I had 3 hours or about 300km to kill. The really nice thing about the prairies is that the land is so flat that you can get radio signals from very far away. (You thought I was going to say the best thing was that you can see your dog run away for a week!) I lose radio about 3 blocks from my house as I descend the hillside to the beach away from the signals in Vancouver.

This radio station is a pleasant surprise. The song choices are really feel good music, they made me smile. And I did find myself turning it up, so the marketing is more than hype. (That in itself is a treat!) When I leave Calgary, I am going to try to get this on my iPad/iPhone app Tune-in Radio where, through wi-fi, I can get radio signals from around the world.

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