Cabin life – Sun-kissed day 3

Cabin dolphins basking in the sun

Why is the feeling of the sun warming skin so uplifting? Some people describe that feeling as sun-kissed, which is a fantastic way to articulate it. However with all the damage of over exposure to the sun, bear consideration to:

“Everything in moderation, including moderation” – Oscar Wilde.

I live by this principle as well. Too often people are so quick to completely eliminate an otherwise enjoyable activity for fear of possible long-term effects. Conversely, in an effort to improve health, people will add a new food or exercise to their regime that they hate. How good can that be for a person?

Living in the world’s most northern rain forest, there is no possible way to over expose ourselves to the sun. So when it shines, no matter where I am, I let the rays kiss my face and uplift my spirits. That is the good stuff!

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