Cabin life – Old friends day 4

It is especially interesting to me when I experience something completely unexpected. That is not to say that my old friend from school dropped by with her kids unannounced. The visit was schemed and dreamed many months ago.

The most delightful thing happened for me. I got to experience all our usual cabin life activities through the eyes of my friend and her children. They found novelty, fun and excitement in what we sometimes may be taking for granted.

There was bike riding around the complex for the kids on their own. They could come and go and roam as they pleased. No-one telling them the strict boundaries they must not go beyond. When a sudden rain shower drenched them in rain and mud, no worries – quick dip in the hot tub to warm up and lift spirits. Free play on gameboys and iPods and that was all enjoyed in the first few hours.

My sister and I had a lovely time chatting with a fellow working mother who is doing her best to juggle an ever complex life.

Blackfoot Crossing

What made the visit almost magical was how well the 2 interlopers merged right into the established foursome of children who have vacationed together since being babies. It was like the six had been playing together for years. That was a special treat to behold.

What this time has taught me is that the rewards of doing something different and new benefit everyone involved. It is by enriching our lives with deep personal experiences that we continue to be better people.

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