Cabin life – Storm day 7

Coming back to Alberta after having been away for a long time, it is easy to forget how quickly the weather changes. There is saying here that goes, “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it will change”. Of course when it is really nice and hot, is not a good time to complain about the weather. Because the rule will apply then as well.

On the West Coast we are more used to weather systems hanging around for several hours or even days. So the only saying we have is, “red sky at night; sailor’s delight, red sky in the morning; sailor’s take warning”. I’m not sure that really means, will it be sunny and windy or sunny with no wind? (Sailors need wind, but the rest of us don’t). What we know for certain is that there are 2 standby weather forecasts, “cloudy with sunny breaks or sunny with cloudy periods.” No sudden changes for sure.

So, I was cruising back to the cabin in the golf cart and ran to shoot photo’s of a storm approaching. Like catching a sunset photo near the equator, if you blink, you might miss it. I wanted to get out to the river and catch the full fury. But as I got close a little dust devil pushed me back a bit. And a big branch came down in the path I was going to take. That was a sign to retreat. Then as fast as it bore down, the sun broke through behind the dark clouds pushing them on their way.

Dust devil

And the whole thing was pretty much over and done in the space of 15 minutes. Which was good, we had a BBQ and campfire to attend!

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