Medicine Wheels

An invitation was extended by my uncle to go exploring. He started to explain the details – we needed to use a vehicle with high clearance, (rough roads) the destination was known but the exact route was not, (there would be wrong turns and doubling back) and it would take a while, (pack a lunch). Well my husband couldn’t say yes fast enough. He heard, “blazing trail”, “requires skilled driver”, “destination unknown”, etc.

So we set off early in the morning, my husband driving and my uncle navigating. Kids in the way back and my Aunt and I chatting away in the middle. The level of engagement to the particulars of the road decreased as you went from front to back. Once I realized that I have seen these kind of roads, (if you can call them that) many, many times before and that the scenery would not change much over the course of the drive, I was happy to sit back and relax.

These are the adventures of my childhood. Usually my uncle would be driving and he would have to be extra careful because his vehicle usually did not have high clearance. Like being a spotter on a boat, looking for dead heads, on the prairie you are keeping careful watch for the big rocks hidden in the tall grass that can really wreck your day.

As usual with these kind of trips, we found dozens of interesting things along the way. I had over 100 pictures taken before we stopped for lunch. What we came for was just one of the delights along the way. It was a case of truly enjoying the journey.

The Majorville Medicine Wheel is an important archeological site. The internet, is of course where we can find out so much more information than the little sign gave us ( But the feeling of being within the boundaries of the sacred site and the surrounding area cannot be replicated by reading about it.

When we arrived back, a little later than we had planned, (surprise, surprise) my kids were the first to exclaim how much they enjoyed the day. “Why don’t we do this again?” It is so easy to forget that, for my kids the prairies are exotic. Imagine sky and land as far as you can see with no trees to obstruct your view? Imagine being able to run, as fast as you can for as long as you want? This was what I had most days as a kid, but I didn’t know anything different. As I experience the beauty of the land through the eyes of my babies it is a delight to look more closely and truly enjoy it as if it were the first time.

Prairie cactus

One room school house circa 1904

2 thoughts on “Medicine Wheels

  1. Margie says:

    You know what they say about the prairies – it is so flat you can watch your dog run away for days…

    Personally, I like the big skies.

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