Prairie treasures

Who would have thought that the grasslands of Alberta, part of the Canadian prairies would hold so many interesting treasures?

I don’t remember it that way from my childhood. That is sometimes the problem with being the kind of kid that I was – impatient. I spent so much time waiting and scheming about what I would be allowed to do next. Youth is truly wasted on the young, at least in my case it was.

My 2 offspring are another matter. In the few minutes we are waiting for our meal to be served, they are down to the sand and playing some invented game with whatever happens to by lying about. They are comfortable and at ease wherever they are. I’d like to take credit for that, but not likely as I am only figuring it out now. So it must be in their nature. Or it is maybe due to the quality time they spent with my husband when they were really young. He loves to have a good time.

In any case, back to the interesting sights to behold, tucked away in the grass, on the rocks and just about anywhere you look closely. We found prickly pear cactus Beetles of the most magnificent colours, feeding and completely oblivious to my ultra close camera lens. Lichen of every different shape, size and hue clung to anything standing still.

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