Blackfoot Crossing

Since my parents purchased a cabin on the Siksika Nation, I have become more interested than ever before in Native Canadian history. It is a good time to be looking for this kind of information, particularly in Southern Alberta. The newly built Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park is a treasure. A world-class museum, permanent exhibits and visiting artists combine with significant outdoor re-creations.

There is so much to learn about the people of this land and how they lived before the Europeans came. It is a rich history and one that provides fantastic context for what it was like to thrive without all our modern-day conveniences. These people created a respectful culture. They moved with the rhythms of the land and the buffalo.

It is humbling to imagine what it was like to walk in their footsteps. To use every bit, every atom of the animal that was killed. To prepare for a long hard winter and be sure that everyone in the tribe was going to be taken care of.

If your path takes you out this way, do not pass up the opportunity to visit and pay your respect to the past. For without the wisdom of these ancient traditions passed down through the generations, many, many Europeans would not have established families here at all.

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