I tend to have a somewhat sheltered view of the world. Even though I have travelled to Oslo, Norway on business more times than I want to count, I don’t venture out to see the sights. I arrive, attend meetings, leave. So even when I am physically traveling to a place, I am not “experiencing” it.

On a recent trip to Oslo, my husband decided to join. I was forced to step up my game in regards to the sights, sounds and tastes of Oslo. One of the places he wanted to see was the Nobel Peace Center. The timing was amazing with the dried roses covering the front walkway in memory of the victims of recent bombings and shootings in Norway’s capital area.

Although the center is a sobering place, I felt a glimmer of optimism. There are many people around the world accomplishing a great deal in the area of peace. And these are just the folks being recognized by the Nobel Committee. Although great work is being done, the world community seems to have an inexhaustible capacity for violence and the weakest members are at the highest risk.

There was a large photographic display that showed all the active conflicts around world and the resulting suffering of the displaced people. But, if you looked closely at many of the faces, there was resistance, strength and a strong will. Maybe you could say a glimmer of hope. Was it a trick of the camera? Possibly. But I left feeling that I had been enlightened.

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