Roof top patio

There is only one in White Rock. That is both a shame and a blessing. When you get a seat on it, you are happy, when you don’t….well that is not much of a blog post, is it?

The lone patio belongs to The Boat House. My history and this particular restaurant go back all the way to early 1991. My first solo trip to the Coast by airplane. Along with my soon to be room-mate, we were spending a week trying to decide where to finish our Fashion degree. West or East? Since West was closest and cheapest, we were really banking on that trip hitting pay dirt. During our week of R&R escape from -35 degrees C on the Prairies, we made our way out to The Boat House in White Rock for lunch.

What a couple of hillbillies. We were taking photo’s of baked camembert! But we loved it out here. The day in question was completely socked in and drizzly rain. We were hooked anyway.

Fast forward to a summer evening in late August 2011. A mere 20 years later. My husband and I have a free night to take a leisurely meal of oysters, ahi taco’s, prawns and a bucket of steamers. Back in 1991, I would not have even known what most of that was!

As the sun was setting, and we made our way back to our truck, it was a nice feeling to think that we have been a part of this community for the better part of 20 years.

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