28 hours alone

My husband is taking my children camping for a short trip. They have not left yet, (kids are still sleeping at 7:45am on summer break) but my husband is busy packing. He wanted to be gone by now, according his master plan, but clearly it will be at least another hour, maybe 90 minutes.

So the question I have been asking myself is, what will I do with all this time? A couple of my friends suggested they will kill me if I clean the house. While I adamantly¬†protested by saying, “that is what the house cleaners are for!” I have to admit that I did consider doing just that. The cleaners are not scheduled for a while and I do a much better job than they do.

No, I can’t clean. So here is what I am looking at: (in no particular order)

  • coffee in the hot tub reading a book, (has to be done now or it will be too hot)
  • sun tanning
  • reading
  • blogging
  • organizing, (this is probably very close to cleaning for most people, but really has to be done)
  • watching movies
  • knitting
  • sewing
  • cooking
  • digital photo album

I’m off to the tub with my coffee…if I work hard, maybe, I can do each one! I know how weird that sounds to most normal people. But that is how my mind works – set priorities, work hard, end with a sense of accomplishment.

Right, I got ahead of myself. My family has not left yet, there is no way I can sneak into the hot tub while they are packing up….

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