Front Yard Breakfast

This week, the first of my figs are ripening.

Somehow, I have managed against quite a few odds to harvest figs from my tree in the front yard. But let me back up.

9 years ago when we bought this property there was a beautiful climbing rose in the front. It almost overtook the front stoop and required this ugly support to do so. But I couldn’t kill it. So my Mom and I spent many hours digging it out and moving it to a side yard location, (where it has never really recovered.)

I am not a rose girl as you can tell. I want some kind of tasty harvest from my plantings. I am sure that all the effort to produce fantastic roses is well worth it, for some people. However, I also prefer plants that can fend for themselves whilst producing something I can eat. Roses, left to their own devices do not thrive here on the Coast, but rather only survive.

Just after the rose moving operation, my Mom and I were in a nursery and saw a fig tree on sale for $16.95. Turned out by luck the vacated spot from the rose bush should be the perfect spot for my newly aquired tree. Time will tell if all my reading on fig tree preferences is true or not.

Evidently, fig trees can get “out of hand”, producing so much fruit a person will be making jam for days, not to waste any. Bring it on, I can’t imagine it from my tree – but I welcome the challenge.

Breakfast pictured here was toasted sourdough with a local goats cheese, then figs drizzled with a little honey, S&P to taste. Yum.

4 thoughts on “Front Yard Breakfast

  1. Margie says:

    Who would have thought that fig tree would do so well!

    Breakfast here is orange slices covered with my cereal, drizzled with high calcium yogurt – not exactly something I take pictures of…

    • Well, if truth be known, that poor tree has had some trouble. It took great exception to having its roots disturbed as my husband went through with a shovel and got rid of all the weeds. A whole side of the thing dies that year and I didn’t get figs for 2 more years. So this is the first big harvest after the incident…

  2. I am new to your blog and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. What a lovely breakfast. I love fresh figs…what a wonderful taste. Wish they would survive where I live.

    • Karen – thanks so much for stopping by. It has been a super treat to harvest such a novelty a few steps from my kitchen. The growing conditions here are good for many different plants. I have heard we can even grow kiwi fruit, which I might try next year.

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