Parks Canada

Living in the Western part of Canada most of my life, so near to the Rocky Mountains, I have taken our National Parks a bit for granted.

Rogers Pass in Glacier National Park

On a recent drive from Alberta back to the Coast, we stopped in at Rogers Pass and I picked up a couple of brochures. Parks Canada is 100 years old and celebrating some pretty significant accomplishments.

  • Parks Canada was the first government service in the world dedicated to national parks
  • 42 national parks
  • 167 national historic sites
  • 4 national marine conservation areas
  • 10 of Canada’s 15 prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Sites are cared for by Parks Canada
  • Parks Canada receives the “Gift to the Earth Award” from WWF-International

The Rocky Mountains in Banff National Park

Here I am, a rather proud Canadian, who travels through the parks many times per year and I did not know about most of the material in the 2 brochures. Isn’t that like Canada, though – “let’s not shout too loud and proud”. We will remain humble and continue on with the work.

The problem with that philosophy is that, many Canadians will not stumble across this information. They will wrongly assume that the money we pay to use the parks is not being spent wisely. Or they will wonder why we should pay to use the parks at all.

Maybe it is my age, sentimentally catching up to me, but I love what I see. And I now have a very strong desire to travel across Canada and see all the parks. Kind of a life list, or parks passport, if you will.

2 thoughts on “Parks Canada

  1. Karen – they are pretty amazing. Not only do they look very different than the Eastern ranges, but it feels different. The air is dry and smell of the trees is so crisp and clean. You want to bottle it up and take it with you.

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