Bits of Islington

When my husband was finally able to spend some time with me in London, I didn’t want to have a typical visit. I wanted:

  • a period hotel with old world charm
  • close to the Globe Theatre
  • walking distance to restaurants
  • away from the crush of August tourists

I found all those things and more.

The hotel was situated on Peters Lane, just off Cowcross Street that was so small it might as well have been a lane. It looked like a private residence from the outside. And inside, it felt like you were staying with your fabulously wealthy long-lost relatives. Perfect.

On our first walk about we discovered The Smithfield Meat Market. Amazing architecture and a very juicy history. Some of the highlights are presented along the inner walls where you can take a self guided tour. But the best part is that this is a working market. And has been so for over 800 years.

I could not do justice to St Paul’s Cathedral in a photograph. But I kind of like this one, just a slice of the place, giving a small sense of the grandeur contained within.

Over one of the many bridges crossing the Thames, it was an easy walk to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. To take in a play at that iconic venue, was a most amazing experience. This photo was taken during the intermission of Anne Boleyn. I couldn’t believe they would let a camera in. And the food and drinks you could get were incredible. I was sipping Proseco!

Then back over the Thames, this time on the foot traffic only Millennium Bridge.

It was a great day. And if money were no object, I think it would be nice to have a place in London.

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