Old friends

It is what I like most about social networking. Finding, (or them finding you), old friends.

It was not that long ago, that the effort required in keeping up a long distance friendship involved quite a bit more effort. For those who are my age, you remember the time it took to painstakingly write the letter, post it and wait for the response.

Now we are keeping up so instantly, that when I get my sister’s emails that summarize a week of her life, it is almost “old news“. Except that she doesn’t social network, so there is no way of knowing what is going on with her unless I get her email updates. Darn, she has me there. She will not join in and play with us, not matter how hard we try. My husband even started a FB page dedicated to the people who wanted her to join. No amount of pressure can make that woman change her mind!

But I digress…

What I like about all the different avenues of interaction over the web, is the opportunity to connect and communicate on so many different levels, at your own discretion. With a few words you can let someone know you are thinking about them. That can really make my day.

So for me, technology has made it far easier to revive and enrich my friendships, and that is some pretty good stuff.

2 thoughts on “Old friends

  1. Margie says:

    Two of my children convinced me to join Facebook, and once I had, I discovered they really didn’t post all that much news… or maybe they just block me so I can’t see what they are posting…

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