One more from my garden

As the season starts to wind down in the garden, I have to show off just a little of my front yard harvest. Yes, I wrote that correctly. My front yard has no grass anymore. This is actually my seventh season with the fresh fruit and vegetable buffet.

It has been a very rewarding adventure so far. I love being able to pick something to eat that I know everything about. No chemicals, no GMO’s, well watered. The only thing I can’t control is the sun.

And even if I could, I don’t know that it would really matter. This summer we had the weirdest weather here on the South Coast and yet I have the best tomato crop ever. There really is no explanation for it. That is why I think there is something a bit magical about bringing in a great harvest.

Harvest in my knitted basket

It does take some getting used to, people stopping and staring into your front yard. If I happen to be out there weeding, (which should be far more often), it is sometimes like holding court. It is fun to chat and they never seem to be as critical as I feel about all the weeds.

This year my solution was to completely weed the area that I could see from my bedroom window. Hear no evil, see no evil, kind of thing.

I might have started a trend. There are now 3 of us on my street who have done away with grass.

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