Organizing LEGO

It was not all bad.

I like to organize most anything, but going through LEGO is a good deal more fun than other kinds of stuff. And it has been awhile since I helped my son get a little control over his collection.

For awhile now, the pieces that are most sought after are the mini-figures and everything to do with them. So we started there, with a small cabinet and tiny drawers for all the little pieces. A drawer for heads, legs, hands, hats, visors, etc.

Our system has changed over time with the ever-increasing quantity we seem to have taken custody of. The 2 tower clear bin system was at its limit. There were probably 4 to 6 other smaller containers stacked on top at any given time.

The breaking point was this past week, when I went into my son’s bedroom and there was little bits of LEGO covering every surface. Floor, bed, every shelf on the bookcase, window ledge and it was spilling into my daughter’s room. There was no room to walk, read, go to sleep, etc.

Something had to be done. It was a complete set-up for failure to send my son down to his room to do anything and expect that the millions of pieces were not calling out his name in a far more charming way than I was.

So just like the TV show called “Hoarding”, we moved all the LEGO out into the living room. A clean, controlled space to sort it all out. You can see though, that a fair amount of playing was going on as well. But, my son diligently marked each new bin and decided what would be stored in each one. Then they were filled up.

Of course, his room had to be moved around a bit to accommodate the new shelving system. But thanks to IKEA, (what is it with these Scandinavians?) and less than $200, we are sorted.

And I will sleep really well tonight with one room in the house, just the way I want it, for now.

6 thoughts on “Organizing LEGO

  1. Mara Harvey says:

    I’m inspired! We haven’t been able to dust our downstairs rec room for months for all the lego “vignettes” set up on every surface. We now have a rollout door on castors that fits under Matthew’s bed. Next will be revamping the bin system!

    • Yes it is. A garage sale find is where half of it came from. A Mom was getting rid of her sons collection and they had a great deal of the old space LEGO. That took days to sort through and clean, (it was very well loved). My Mom commented here how I must have wished to have this collection, and in a way I do. I get to re-live childhood by playing with my kids.

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