Lunch boxes

We are now into the sixth year of making school lunches. 8 more to go….

So much has changed since the days when my husband and I were in school. Beyond the look of the actual lunch boxes, there are so many more interesting things to put in them today. However, if you have a picky eater in your house, the choices are of no real value.

I have one of each, one is picky and one loves everything. That means 2 different lunches, really. As a “love everything” myself, how can I deprive a child of a fantastic lunch experience? And then on the picky side, if a fantastic lunch is sent to school, most of the food will come home uneaten and the child will be super grumpy. Having an unhappy child due to not eating properly is something I cannot tolerate.

The other thing that has changed over the past 30 years is the garbage that lunches “of old” used to produce. We threw out everything, everyday. Not anymore. Some schools even have a “no garbage” policy. In order to work in this environment, we have assembled an impressive quantity of little containers. The problem with all these little pieces, (beyond the washing and storing of them), is the regular misplacing of them. Essentially we lose about half of what we send to school every year. What has been “lost” is also not getting recycled, but rather ending up in the landfill.

Enter the solution – Goodbyn. I bought mine at Raspberry Kids –

Here is the picture from today’s lunch menu. I think they are lucky little kids, but time will tell if they agree!

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