Good start to the day

While on holidays this summer at my parents cabin, a good start to my day would be with a coffee and a book in the hot tub. When the sun got higher in the sky and it became too warm, I would get out and start my day.

I had such a morning on Saturday. It was 19 degrees C in the shade when I slipped in for a soak. A few chapters later and it became so warm from the sun, I had to get out.

But I was completely energized. I dug out some shorts and a tank top from the bin of summer clothes getting ready for storage, and headed out into the front garden. I attacked the weeds for the better part of the day. What I was able to complete looks great. (There is, unfortunately, more days of work to do than there will be good weather for).

The clouds moved in, late in the day. We had our first big wind and rain storm of the fall. But the morning felt like summer and it happened on a day when I was able to enjoy it!

4 thoughts on “Good start to the day

    • Thanks, we had that nice little window of California type weather. But, alas it was a teaser. It rained again all night and it is very dark and gloomy this morning. So we keep a big umbrella beside the hot tub, otherwise it feels like you are getting water torture.

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