New carpet

As the fall season sets in and Thanksgiving is almost upon us, we are starting to get all the warm and cozy comforts into place at our house. Changing the drapes, pillow shams and carpets are just a few of the things that herald in the season when we spend a good deal of time inside.

Over the years, and the various places we have lived, there has been quite an effort to remove all the carpets. So now it seems a bit strange to be adding them back.

Usually we have small rugs in the middle of the room that are easy care, low pile, decorations for the floor, really. But not today. We purchased a huge, deep pile, polypropylene, piece of softness.

As I spread out my new rug and was giving it a first vacuum, it occurred to me that what I had put down what we used to call “shag” carpet in the ’70’s. The stuff my Grandma used to “rake” to have the nap all going in one direction. This is the despised carpet of many home renovation projects, and may have been pulled out in one of the places we have worked on.

But I don’t care about all that. As we sit here in the living room tonight with our socks off, digging our toes into the nice soft, pile of the new rug, life is good. (Now all we need are some La-Z-Boy® recliners and we are officially middle-aged.)

It is the simple stuff that is truly best.

2 thoughts on “New carpet

  1. Margie says:

    I’ll never forget that time we stopped at your grandma’s house and you observed that she had “raked the rug and run” – your way of telling us that she had tidied up the living room before going out for the day.

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