The morning routine

Every house has a different one. We all know about how important it is. Some enjoy it, way more than others. One person’s enjoyment almost adds to the misery of another.

We have a variety of personalities in our house. No surprise that the day starts with everyone at a different speed.

My Mom tried, I think, to get everyone up in a good mood. “Good Morning Sunshine!” she would sing to us in the early days. Later on, my Dad would make it crystal clear before we went to bed on the weekend that we would be up by 9am, or suffer the consequences.

As my husband and I created our own routine, it became apparent quite quickly that he did not grow up in my parents house. He is in a terrible mood in the morning and will sleep as late as possible on the weekend. Lucky for us, he has a million projects on the go and wants to get up early. I don’t think it would have been so easy to adjust to a man who would sleep until noon.

We have settled into something that seems to work for everyone, for now. When the kids become teenagers, I’m sure some adjustments will be required from all of us.

I make breakfast and lunches. I can’t stand the idea of what they would eat, left to their own devices. Today it was maple chicken sausages, (tolerable levels of sodium and fat) and leftover blueberry pancakes that had a square of chocolate in the middle. Grapefruit with brown sugar.

My husband has decided that, while he is clearly not a morning person, he would rather fight the traffic en route to work than organize anyone at home. Probably a wise decision. This is the benefit of age, I think. Back in the early days or our marriage, there was not so much harmony in the morning.

The main idea behind our relative success today is that we have remained flexible to change. When something isn’t working we revise, adjust make it easier in some small way. I am the most optimistic about the effect of small changes. And when something gets better, my husband glows with compliments.

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