Satisfaction of accomplishment

My husband has been wrestling with the best way to let my son become involved in his projects. At any given time, there are many on the go, and most are not so easy to let a 10-year-old “help” with.

But if you don’t teach a child these things, how will they ever know? However, teaching means a great deal of extra work. The whole project can take twice as long and everyone can end up frustrated with the experience.

The other day my husband had a perfect project for my son to help with. Re-build an outboard boat motor. Since we live on the West Coast and boats are a part of our lives, this is a good skill to have. Plus it is one of the “repair” projects that my husband never tires of. Changing oil in my car, on the other hand, not on his to do list anymore.

More than the actual project though is the time spent together. Chatting, learning and listening. Precious and fleeting.

My son remarked, when the motor rebuild was complete, how good it would feel to use it next summer. That sense of accomplishment was hard earned and he may carry this positive experience with him for some time.

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