Living in different places

21 homes in the last 41 years. That is a whole bunch of moves.

  • 1970: Calgary, Alberta, Canada (1 house, I think)
  • 1973: Devon, Alberta, Canada (2,3,4)
  • 1978: Spring, Texas, USA (5)
  • 1979: Devon, Alberta, Canada (back to #4)
  • 1983: Calgary, Alberta, Canada (6)
  • 1987: Devon, Alberta, Canada (7)
  • 1988: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (8 my first apartment)
  • 1989: Calgary, Alberta, Canada (9)
  • 1991: Richmond, BC, Canada (10, and technically 1 month in Vancouver which I’m not counting)
  • 1992: New Westminster, BC, Canada (11, first place with my future husband)
  • 1993: Calgary, Alberta, Canada (12, and a short stint at my Mom’s while my sister was in hospital with leukemia)
  • 1994: Fairfield, CT, USA (13)
  • 1995: Harwinton, CT, USA (14)
  • 1996: Calgary, Alberta, Canada (15)
  • 1997: White Rock, BC, Canada (16)
  • 1998: Cheshire, CT, USA (17)
  • 1999: Vernon, BC, Canada (18,19 – our first purchased house)
  • 2002: Surrey, BC, Canada (20,21)

And now, am I am coming close to 10 years in my current home – lucky 21. My daughter was brought home from the hospital to this house and my son was only a toddler. They have never known the ups and downs of moving around as I did.

My son has been attending the same small school with the exact same group of children since he started in kindergarten. My daughter’s year has been larger, so the classmates ebb and flow a bit, but only across the hallway.

I guess I was living a bit of a gypsy lifestyle. (Except not in a trailer of course). New houses, new schools, new jobs. A constant state of adjusting. Since I had never known a different way of life, it was very normal to me.

But now as I have settled down in one place for so long. I have planted roots. My community means something different to me now. I like knowing the routines of my neighbours. We watch out for each other. It is a nice feeling.

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