Imprints at Rogers Pass

I have known about this place in the Rocky Mountains since I was a child. In fact, I can’t remember when I learned this was the gateway to British Columbia. Who knew what kind of fun would await us. Sometimes it was a short trip to the Okanagan, and other times we would ride the mighty BC Ferry over to Vancouver Island.

Nowadays, we live on the “other side”. So getting back through the Pass coming from either side is a huge relief. If we were able to make it from the East, pretty good chances we will make it home. And if we were able to make it through from the West, excellent chance of taking some turns the next day.

It is quite amazing that trains and cars can get through Rogers Pass in the winter at all. In the first winter of railroad operation in 1886/87 there was 12 metres of snowfall. Each season, there is a proactive effort to “manage” the snowfall that will affect the area. As the snow is accumulating in the alpine, experts are studying the conditions in anticipation of avalanche risk. When a motorist is turned away for a road closure, more often than not, the blasting has brought down a dangerous amount of snow and can take 24 to 36 hours, (or more) for crews to clear from the roads and rail lines. More on Rogers Pass National Historic Site –

This summer, on our family road trip, we stopped into the museum at Rogers Pass. There is no driving stress when the sun shines, the road is bone dry and the only snow visible is very high at the peaks of the Selkirks. Some interesting photo’s here show imprints taken from the park. I did not write down what everything was, so your guess will be as good as mine.


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