One percent

It is funny how statistics can be manipulated. One percent, for example seems like a very small number, no matter the context.

This past week, there have been demonstrations across Canada for the “Occupy” cause. The demonstrators are claiming to represent 99% of Canadians. To qualify that, the 1% are 250,000 people who earn an annual salary of more than $400K per year. I listened to some coverage on CBC radio this morning. The panel of people being interviewed were in the top 1% of Canadians. The usual, intelligent arguments were made about these people of influence, the far-reaching effect of the 1%. But the really interesting facts were presented at the very end of the segment:

  • Canadians that earn $55,000 per year are in the top 1% of the entire planet
  • Canadians only have to earn $1,000 per year to earn more than 50% of the entire planet

I think that would be really sobering news to some of the folks who think we, in any way, have it bad here in Canada. I’m not in the 1% of Canada’s top earners, but I feel rich beyond compare. Whenever I have to be away from home, for any reason, I almost want to kiss the ground upon return to YVR.

3 thoughts on “One percent

  1. Margie says:

    I can see the point of the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ demonstrations if the protesters are correct in assuming that 1% of the people have immense political power by reason of their wealth alone.

    I don’t support them, however, if they are a group of people who want to redistribute wealth through increased taxes. Canadians are already taxed to the hilt…

    If we don’t want to see the rich get richer, then we should quit buying their products…

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