What would you do?

If you have not read the book called, “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins you will not understand this post very well. This 3 book series has been targeted to a youth audience. The exact target age of reader depends on opinion. Because of the lack of extra details required to fully capture an adult reader, I enjoyed how quickly the book could be read. Even 2/3 through, it is the best series I have ever read. Even the last book in the Harry Potter series does not compare.

What I like best about the first 2 books in the series are the questions you start asking yourself. How easily you can put yourself into the shoes of the character’s and root for them. And, of course, wonder how you would react if you thrown into the same circumstances.

I have to admit that the description of the first book kept it out of my house for a long time. Not for my sake, but for my son’s. However, as things go, my nephews raved about the book and convinced my husband to buy it for my son this past summer. Luckily, I intercepted before the first page was turned.

I promised my son, after reading it myself, I would re-consider letting him read it. My original view was confirmed. I think he is too sensitive at this age to not suffer from nightmares. The fact that the characters live in a future version of North America where the structure of society has gone completely awry will seem very real to him. (It does to me!)

My son and I agreed that he could read the book in the year he turns 12. That is the year of age that the youngest children in Panem will have their names put into the drawing for the games. I also want him to read it aloud to me. The possible discussion points are endless. I almost can’t wait for him to be old enough, it is going to really enjoyable, as a parent to have these more complex conversations with my child.

2 thoughts on “What would you do?

    • Everyday he becomes more mature. But just this morning I was watching TV with him and the shows he really likes are the funny/silly ones. Not the ones filled with suspense. Even with books, he chooses material that makes him laugh – pure fun entertainment. No need to rush away from that in a hurry.

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