The days are getting short in Sweden. Quite the opposite of 6 months ago when dusk didn’t fall on us until 10pm.

For perspective to North Americans – the 58th parallel in Strömstad, Sweden is at the same latitude as Juneau, Alaska. For those of us living down around the 49th the difference in daylight hours is striking.

Couple these “short days”, with the general weather patterns of the fall season and the effect is not very sunny to say the least. Even though our conference was in a resort with 20′ glass window views to the sea, the effect of less sun can have an effect on overall mood.

But, we are all used to this kind of thing. The bi-annual conferences are about a week in length and we tend to work from about 8am to bedtime, (which varies wildly). Even when eating dinner, or having a drink at the bar, networking and shop talk is always taking place. Hence, no matter where we are, or the time of year, we are sequestered away from the sun for most of the day anyway.

So now I have explained why the pictures look the way they do. A view from the bar at night, behind a pint of beer. A cloudy view of the harbour and some cottages near to the resort. In the summer, the long days and sunshine takes your breath away. In the fall, the peaceful, muted scene allows for repose.

2 thoughts on “Strömstad

  1. Margie says:

    When we lived in the UK, we often went down to the local pub and had dinner in their greenhouse dining room. Even on a rainy day it was wonderfully bright. You can imagine how excited I was when the house we were renting got a solarium added to it. Unfortunately we moved away before it was finished.

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