The laughing bus

Towards the end of an oversees trip, with my equally zany co-workers, there seems to be a point when we start to malfunction.

Usually it is a combination of exhaustion and homesickness, (or real sickness). Add to that some kind of strong emotions that will provide the trigger. Maybe we are working as a group on our presentation to senior management and someone starts with a wise crack. Instead of arguing with each other, the offended party just laughs and fires back. Everyone else starts to giggle, and on it goes. Sometimes we are crying with laughter and 20 or 30 minutes have passed. We all feel lightened by the rush of endorphins and get back to work.

On the most recent trip, the trigger didn’t come until we were on the 2 hour bus ride back to the airport. It was a most enjoyable cruise through the dark in a Scandinavian mini-bus, (or maxi-taxi as they call them). The rapport was fantastic, no-one in the bus was safe, the scuds were flying in every direction. My sides were aching from the laugh-until-you-cry-and-have-to-blow-your-nose that just kept going.

It was one of those nights that I felt like a picture was being taken in mind. Something that I won’t forget in a very long time. If you have to be away from your home and family, the absence is so much more tolerable with a great bunch of people – good times!

2 thoughts on “The laughing bus

  1. Just the fact of getting to the airport two to three hours ahead of time…sometimes in the wee hours of the morning. Or dealing with security hoping that you haven’t forgotten the liquid that is just slightly over the allowed amount and they think you could be the next terrorist. Yes, traveling can bring you to laughter or tears.

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