Love a new solution

I’ve been wandering around for months, since the summer really, trying to understand how I was going to get the RSS feeds I like to read showing up seamlessly between my Mac and my iPad.

During the summer, when I was away at the cabin, I had my personal Mac with me and I easily kept up with all the news that I deem worthy of reading. But when I travel for work, which is a lot, I can’t really be lugging around 2 laptops. (My company prefers all personal software applications not be installed on work issued hardware.)

Enter my personal iPad. It is entertainment at your fingertips. I take it everywhere with me. But, the program I was using to read RSS feeds was not synching at all, (let alone seamlessly as advertised), between my Mac and my iPad. I became so hopelessly behind on my reading, I didn’t dare open up the program for fear that the unread number would be 5 or 6 digits long.

All the while I kept thinking, there has to be a better way. Now I should clarify for all you “google everything” people out there – I know. Meaning I know you guys have the perfect solution already bundled up in your google account. But way back when, I started on yahoo email and I am not going to have another account just to have sync services work properly.

So today, I had the morning to myself and I was determined to conquer this problem. And I did. Welcome to PULP. For $15, ($10 for my Mac and $5 for my iPad) and not even 10 minutes of my time – presto! All my problems are completely solved. And the best part is that I really, really love the look of this program. The way you navigate, particularly on the iPad is amazing, pictures for everything, it is down right sexy. Can you say that about a computer program?

But seriously, it is really the simple things in life that are the best. I had a problem, (albeit took months to find the time and it was nagging at me always), and I solved it without anyone else having to help me. And now I can say that I really do love the solution.

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