The sun can’t shine everyday

Today was a sunny day in Vancouver. And when you get sun like this at the end of November, you almost want to dance for the joy of it. For those of you who don’t know, Vancouver is the Southern part of the world’s northernmost rainforest. (Make sense?)

There is a song by the Canadian band Trooper called – “We’re here for a good time (not a long time)”. The members of this band resided in Vancouver and these are lyrics we all live by:

We’re here for a good time
Not a long time (not a long time)
So have a good time
The sun can’t shine everyday

And the sun is shinin,
In this rainy city,
And the sun is shinin,
Ooh isn’t a pity?
That every year has its share of tears,
Every now and then it’s gotta rain

On a recent sunny day, (there was 2 this month!), my husband and I took a walk around Prospect Point in Stanley Park. This park is truly amazing and in fact the third largest in North America.¬†Originally home to Burrard, Musqueam and Squamish First Nations people, Stanley Park as it is today was not one designer’s grand scheme but more an evolution of a pioneer city’s hopes and dreams; a place for its citizens to recreate themselves through active sport or passive repose.

And a couple of great photo’s from a sunny day in November, 2011.

Burrard Inlet

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