It is times like this that some people would wish for a bigger house. One where we had a full guest suite with bedroom, bathroom and maybe even a small living area. Fully equipped so our family and friends can feel totally comfortable whilst staying at our home.

But I really like it the way it is. Economics aside, which dictate we cannot reasonably afford the above described house in our current neighbourhood. I really like the coziness of it all.

We have our living room with a door that fully closes it off from the rest of the house. (The door is glass, though). Our “suite” has its own heating control. The hot tub sits right outside. And the couch makes into a double bed. Nice TV, good lighting, wi-fi connection, we really have all the amenities.

However, once the living room has become another bedroom, we are corralled into the kitchen and dinning room area. In that circumstance, we do what we do best, eat and drink. A meal that is prepared and consumed over many hours while we chat about everything is our usual routine.

Some people could live like this forever, and some find the close quarters – too close. Either way, our guests decide what is comfortable for them. And with due course, they go on their way. For a moment, once they have departed, I wonder – “Did they have a nice stay?” And then eventually they return for another visit.

2 thoughts on “Guests

  1. Margie says:

    Yes, we had a very nice stay! It is a lot like being at the cabin (close quarters), except you have two bathrooms… and a fancier kitchen… and you are a better cook than me…and you have internet… and a better heating system. Okay, it isn’t quite the same as the cabin, but the same kind of fun!

    I see you are trying out a new theme! I like the photo in the background!

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