Work-life balance

This is an idea that I have been turning over in my mind for a very long time. On one hand, I am pretty sure that for most of my days, my balance is fair, maybe even good. I know there have been long periods where the scale has tipped way over to the work side.

What I am beginning to discover is that when I work less in the evenings or on the weekend, I am happier. When I am happier, I am far more productive during proper work hours. 

According to the tried and true management philosophies that guide corporations today, what I have described above is a bit of a Paradox. Definition – “a seemingly contradictory statement that may nonetheless be true.” 

♥ Here is what makes us feel good about ourselves: (

  1. Our ability to manage energy and stress in a positive way so that stress activates us
  2. Our social support network is strong and positive
  3. Most importantly, we must have a belief that our behavior matters

 Happiness is a precursor to success, not the result.

♥ A couple of excerpts from Nigel Marsh’s TED Talk:

  • There are thousands and thousands of people out there leading lives of quiet, screaming desperation, where they work long, hard hours at jobs they hate to enable them to buy things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like.
  • Being more balanced doesn’t mean dramatic upheaval in your life. With the smallest investment in the right places, you can radically transform the quality of your relationships and the quality of your life. Moreover, I think, it can transform society. Because if enough people do it, we can change society’s definition of success away from the moronically simplistic notion that the person with the most money when he dies wins, to a more thoughtful and balanced definition of what a life well-lived looks like. And that, I think, is an idea worth spreading.

So the question becomes – “How do you manage your work-life balance?” I have been spending some quality time with myself, my computer and my thoughts trying to sort it out. All I’ve got so far is what I have collected in these digital pages. What I can say for certain is that collecting the ideas for “The Good Stuff”, has been good fun for me.

2 thoughts on “Work-life balance

  1. Margie says:

    You’ve made some excellent observations here. I particularly like the one about changing societies definition of success.

    I am glad you are enjoying the result of your blogging. Thinking, researching, writing, sharing – all ‘good stuff’!

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