Mana mana

Speaking of the Muppets, my family (including my parents), caught the matinée on the weekend. What a great walk down memory lane. I had forgotten how much I loved the Muppet Show. The values that were taught, the zany songs, the funny sketches and the vaudeville of it all.

3 of my favourite muppets are:

  • Kermit the Frog – of course, most people’s beloved frog. “It is not easy being green.” He was always sensible. He knew the right thing to do, had high moral standards.
  • The Swedish Chef – I always knew his gibberish was not real Swedish, but it was fun to have
  • something from my family’s culture up there on the TV. I used to hope each week that he would make an appearance, but he was not so popular.
  • Animal – he became my favourite once I hit high school. That is the time of life when all you want to do is party, answer questions with an emphatic nod and turn up the music!

The original Mana mana song is at:

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