Timing is everything

“Lost time is never found again.”   ~Benjamin Franklin

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”   ~Albert Einstein

“Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.”    ~Will Rogers

And so it is that time again. Instead of just trying to keep myself on track, it is time to get my children to start planning their own way in life. Yes, I mean goal setting.

My Mother reminded me tonight that, as children, my sisters and I did not like this activity. But, memory is a funny thing, because I seem to remember how good this process was. So much so, that I am going to teach it to my children.

For me, it is like a new school year, breaking out the new supplies. The promise in the potential of a new start wafting off the smell of a clean piece of paper. Sitting down to the first brainstorming session tonight felt just like that.

My children had blank little cartoon bubbles over their heads and polite smiles on their faces as they poised their gel pens ready to write. Then as the flow of ideas started to take shape, their heads were down and there were multiple lightbulbs popping above their heads. New colors of gel pens, more and more writing, a pause to contemplate which category needed more work.

The experts tell us that good goals need to be time bound. Which I agree with. But if the goal is not ready to be started, if it is the wrong time, that will not create a good goal either. My children seem to be ready for the process. Now to carefully structure a well designed set of goals. Then ever so gently urge along the follow through process.

2 thoughts on “Timing is everything

  1. Margie says:

    I don’t think you and your sisters minded setting goals. You just didn’t like accounting for where you were at in achieving your goals. Plus you didn’t have multi colour gel pens…

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